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How Would You Like to Have Me on Your Team, Helping You Make Your Visions a Reality?

I offer a variety of services designed to grow your life and your business to match your vision and dreams. Just think of me as your Personal Genie.

In terms of business, I partner with you to take your business to the next level. I can help you with your Outer Game – help you get more clients, grow as a speaker, do better marketing and sales (and love every step), have better systems, streamline, and working smarter not harder, just to name a few. Some of these services below  also help you with your Inner Game – they help you clear out your Childhood Imprints, Family Entanglements, Business/Organizational Entanglements, and whatever it is that is stopping you from getting better results.Together, we customize a program that suits your specific needs and your goals.

As you know, a human is made up of a whole system of things that can either help or hinder your success and your happiness. When one part of your life isn’t going well, it affects the other parts of your life, especially because it affects YOU.

That’s why I also people with their sex lives, dating, and relationships because if your personal life is having problems, falling apart, or non-existent, your business will suffer. 

Check out the menu below and see what you are attracted to and curious about.


The “Jump Start Your Cash Flow” Program

 I’ll help you Customize everything I teach you, so it fits your specific business, so that you can:

  • Have a Steady Stream of Interested Customers
  • Be Able to Raise Your Prices and Have People Happy to Pay
  • Have a Much Higher Percentage of People Signing Up with You from Calls and Consultations
  • Know How To Help People Have A Way to Work with You, Even When They Say: I don’t have enough time…I don’t have the money…I need to think about it…..
  • Have Customers Stay With You for a Long Time
  • Create Stable and Reliable Income


The “How to Get Unstuck and Finally Have What You Want” Crash Course

Have you been wanting to grow your business or income?

Have you been struggling to have what you want in the relationships in your life, personal or professional?

Have things not been going how you want them to with your health or body?

Have you been experiencing undesired moods or mindsets?

The biggest culprit is your Inner Game – the mental blocks you have with:

· making or having larger sums of money

· having a business/career that is fully successful (and all that entails)

· doing what you know you should be doing to move yourself forward

– having the health, body or relationships you want.

I’m raffling off tickets to an Online, Virtual, Crash Course that gets people “unstuck” in these very areas, and more.

Go here to enter the raffle:

*I’m raffling tickets to the Online Course to help you Get Unstuck – around:

~ income,

*I’ll guide you through the method that grew my income, my health, and love life.

*Feel free to share.

**Go here to enter the raffle:


Your hidden Inner Blocks will cause:

  • customers and clients to say no to you, and not work with you or buy your product.
  • your relationships not as fulfilling, happy, or easy.
  • your body hold onto weight, pain, health issues.

Even with people that have the know-how, they get stuck in progressing in specific areas of their lives because of their Inner Blocks.

How would you like to get rid of some of these Blocks?

How would you like working in your business to run smoother?

How would you like to have more customers and more income without as much struggle?

To get past the places that you have been stuck with your health, or your dating or relationships?

If you’ve already tried to get yourself un-stuck and it hasn’t worked…or if the problems or struggles you’ve been having in business keep re-appearing, or are persistent, then this course is for you.

You can enter the raffle for free. If you win, I’ll contact you by email and send you the pass to attend this online course.

It’s a course that has a cash value of $997.

What You’ll Get:

– Learn the 2 Biggest Culprits that Keep a Stuck Pattern in Place.

· Get Support in Getting Unstuck in your Business, Career and Income.

· Get support in getting Unstuck around your Relationships, your Health, and your Mood and Mindset. 

Enter the raffle:


Freedom Tribe

This is the weekly community where we Disentangle and Re-Imprint, to free you from the Core Causes that are blocking your success.

Family Entanglements are the problems and negative patterns you inherit from your relatives, from previous generations.

Patterns get passed down for up to 7 generations before they fade out–  and you’re likely most affected  by the last 3 or 4 generations – parents, grandparents, and great grandparents, and all the aunts and uncles.

If someone in a pervious generation struggled, or suffered a tragedy or trauma around something, that can become an Originating Incident that sets off an Entanglement pattern.

As Entanglements travel down the generations, they don’t always take the exact same form. They stay on the same topic, but can vary in how they are expressed:

I’ll give you an example: let’s work with a Money Entanglement:

Grandpa lives through the depression and loses the family’s money. This changes him – his conscious beliefs and his unconscious relationship with money.  He can imprint things like: money is scarce, money is hard to get, money is hard to keep, money doesn’t stay.

Let’s say your Dad gets Entangled.  His variation of the Money Entanglement is that goes bankrupt.

Then you come along and you get the Money Entanglement. Your variation is that you struggle to grow your business, and you’re not making enough money. In fact, you find you have a Money Ceiling.

A Money Ceiling is when you seem to be able to make or save up to a certain amount of money,  and once you begin to go above that, somehow, you attract new and unexpected bills….. medical, dental, car or home repairs, speeding or parking tickets, fees, the kids suddenly  need something, etc. and it sucks your money away.

And the funny thing is – you  inherit these patterns — even if you never knew anything about your relatives…or never met them or even heard of them.


These patterns are passed down in a number of ways:

1. Through the Unconscious Mind – for example – our family members unconsciously model things for us and teach us ways of thinking and living without even trying. We just pick up on it.

2. Epigenetics – Epigenomes sit above our genes and switch them on or off….Epigenomoes are affected by emotional stressors in a person’s life. Yes, the emotional stresses we go thru affect our DNA. And the stressors that your relatives go through affect their DNA and get passed down to us.

Check out these articles on Epigenomes from BBC World Health and Discover Magazine – Science for the Curious

Discover Magazine: Grandma’s Experiences leave a Mark on Your Genes

BBC World Health: Memories Pass Between Generations

SO — You Don’t have to consciously know anything about your family, or their history and you can still get entangled with your relatives.

These internal blocks will cause unconscious self sabotage patterns and will also create unconscious blocks to getting what you want. These blocks affect money and business, relationships and love, and health and happiness.

When you clear out your Family Entanglements, you transform the parts of you that are blocking success.

Clients have used this work to have money come in with ease and stay with you, attract love, decrease anxiety, stress, and overwhelm, quell symptoms of illness and help heal an illness, decease depression, decrease pain the in body, get their businesses to skyrocket, and more.

This work is done in a weekly group called Freedom Tribe.

In terms of figuring out your own Entanglements, these are the many types of events that can happen to a relative that can cause Entanglements. I call these events Originating Incidences.

Be sure to put your name and address in the box in the upper right side of the website to get your own copy of The 7 Entanglements that Kill Your Success – which will help you uncover which Entanglements you may have and also give you a stronger understanding of what Entanglements are and how they work.

Here are a few things you can look for – to get access to a fuller list, download the articles that I wrote by entering your name and email in the box in the upper right side of the page:

Money and Business Entanglements:

Did someone in your family:

  • Lose money
  • Fail a business
  • Not get their inheritance or inherit more than their fair share
  • Do you come from a family with many employees (and you are trying to be an entrepreneur)
  • Do anything illegal or underhanded with money or business

Relationship, Connection and Love Entanglements:

Did someone in your family:

  • Not get to marry or be with someone they loved
  • Close up their heart, or put walls up around themselves
  • Have an affair
  • Not feel close to one or both of their parents/caretakers
  • Spend a lot of time alone

Affects Your Health, Income, Business/Career, Relationships, and Happiness/Mood (An “All-Arounder” Entanglement):

  • Did anyone die under the age of 25
  • Did parents die while they had kids under 16 years old
  • Are there any miscarriages, stillborns, abortions
  • Do you come from an ethnicity that suffered war, genocide, or colonization, or they colonized

Do you have any of these Originating Incidences or symptoms of Entanglements in your family history?


Childhood Imprints are the negative patterns you pick up in your childhood – and as an adult, they affect your income, business/career, relationships, health and happiness.

Your Imprint Period is between around conception to about age 7.

That’s when your brain is very malleable and it’s striving to imprint information about yourself and about life, for survival.

And yes, this means there are also Fetal Imprints.

So think back — what was your mother and those around her probably going through when she was pregnant with you? What were she and they thinking, feeling, and experiencing?

There are 3 major kinds of Fetal and Childhood Imprints – imprints about yourself, about other people, and about life in general.

Here’s a short list of common Imprints about yourself.

See which ones seem to resonate, or give you a gut feeling, or an intuitive hit as possible Imprints you may have:

1. I’m not good enough  [I don’t have what it takes]

2. I’m not smart enough  [I’m stupid / I’m dumb when it comes to ________]

3. I don’t belong  [I’m an outsider/outcast/black sheep]

4. I’m a bad person  [I’m not a good person / I do bad things]

5. There’s something wrong with me  [I’m missing something / I’m not ok]

6. I’m not important  [I don’t matter]

7. I’m a quitter  [I don’t finish what I start]

8. I don’t deserve ______  [I don’t deserve to receive ______ / I’m undeserving]

9. I’m unlovable  [I’m not ______ enough to be loved/lovable]

10. I fail  [I screw things up / I make a mess of ______  / I’m a screw up]

11. I’m not worthy  [I’m worthless / I don’t count]

12. I’m unwanted  [It would be better if I wasn’t here]

13. I’m a phony  [I’m a fake (and it’s going to be found out)]

14. I can’t be seen [It’s better to stay small / I should be/need to be invisible]

15. I’m not safe  [I can’t relax / I feel vulnerable / I can’t let my guard down]

Now lets look at some Imprints about other people and life:

1. It’s not safe [People aren’t safe / Life isn’t safe]

2. I have to do it all by myself  [I can’t trust others to do it/do it right]

3. Life is hard  [Life is a struggle]

4. I’m alone [People don’t stay / It’s hard to find a partner / People abandon you]

5. People can’t be trusted  [People are generally untrustworthy]

6. Money is hard to get  [Money is hard to earn]

7. Money is hard to keep  [Money is hard to save / Money doesn’t stay]

8. There’s not enough  [There’s not enough _________ ]

9. Intimacy is dangerous [Letting someone get close is dangerous / People will use things against you]

10. People aren’t reliable [I can’t rely on others to __________ ]

11. People will only love me if I’m good  [People will only give me attention if I do well / People will only be attracted to me if I seem perfect / I need to be perfect]

12. I can’t be myself and be loved [To fit in I have to be like others / I have to change myself around people to fit in]
And some common Money Imprints:

Money is hard to get

Money is hard to keep

Money doesn’t grow on trees

We can’t afford that / That’s too expensive

Rich people are bad / unethical / corrupt /  greedy / stuck up / take advantage of others

It’ s more spiritual to not have or want money

I shouldn’t spend money

Having money is greedy

I don’t deserve money

I can’t have money and free time

Money makes me nervous

I’m not good with money

I can’t do what I love and make money

I’ll never have enough

If I have money, people will…..hate me, placate to me, be fake to me, be jealous, take it away

If I have money I’ll lose  my friends

If I have money, others wont have money/I’ll be taking away from others

If I have money, Ill just lose it

It would feel weird to make more than my parents

Even if you work hard, you won’t get rich anyway

If I spend money,  it wont come back…I’ll lose it…..I wont have any


To get a more comprehensive list and understanding of Entanglements and Imprints, enter your email address in the box in the upper right side of the page.

If you’re curious about releasing your Family Entanglements or Childhood Imprints, start by reading the articles and feel free call or email me to ask questions, and discuss the problems that you are experiencing and what you want instead.

If you would like to become a practitioner of this work, I also run a Facilitator’s Training Course. Just call or email if you are curious.

Phone: (415) 320-8010

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Public Speaking – Presentations – Becoming a Speaker – Growing Your Business Through Speaking

Have you ever felt called to become a speaker?

To spread your message, your gifts, your product or service far and wide?

To have an international audience?

I also help people develop their speaking skills, for presentations, getting interviewed on radio or television, keynotes, pitching, and offering your product or service from the stage.

Charisma and Speaking Skills are some of the most valuable skills you can possess. Speaking is also one of the most lucrative, highest paid activities you can do.

How would you like to be able to:

  • Come home from networking events with a wait list of people who want to speak to you or buy from you?
  • Be the person that people are going to hear at networking events?
  • Be able to offer your service or product from the front of the room, the stage, radio or TV and get a tidal wave of interest?
  • Speak on Telesummits, Teleseminars, Webinars, or create your own, and grow your audience and community?
  • Become an expert in your field, one of the go-to people, and become known for what you do or what you offer?
  • Pitch your product or service to funders, VCs, Angels, investors, crowdfunding, and have the audience become captivated by you and what you do?

I’ve developed a simple system for speaking, whether it be on a stage, at networking events, on radio or TV, on summits, seminars, webinars, or to would-be funders.

There are 2 parts to this system:

1. The Simple Speaker’s Formula – Knowing what to say and when to say it. Having the right formula for the right situation and audience.

2. The Secrets to Delivery – Knowing how to deliver the communication, and being able to show up in that moment and communicate from that place/energy/

Two of the most important aspects to delivery are:

Social Intelligence: the ability to read another person or people/an audience, and communicate in a way that enthralls them, captivates them, and has them falling in love with you and what you do

Emotional Intelligence: the ability to be in charge of your inner states, mindset, energy and mood and call forth your A-Game, and “be” and communicate from the just the right energy/place that a situation calls for.

If you have any speaking engagements coming up and want support and guidance, or if you want to begin to build your ability and to be able to speak and come home with a waitlist, or grow a community and audience, or sell your product or service to a group/audience, then  contact me using the contact form on this site, or call me:

Phone: (415) 320-8010

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The Entrepreneur and Small Business Institute

I’m the founder and President of the Entrepreneur and Small Business Institute. 

Currently, we have chapters in:

Bay Area
Los Angeles 
New York 

I give Business Training and Education live in each city, and we have amazing Speed Networking, where you can connect deeply with each person int he room and come home with tons of new connections.

I also give online trainings  through our Membership Portal.

Membership is free at the moment, please join us in our new Member’s Portal:



Private One-On-One Business Mentorship

Work Smart, Not Hard

Get into Cash Flow Quickly

Get a Wait List of Customers

Know What To Charge

Build a Team of Support Around You Inexpensively – So You Only Do What You Love

Live a World Traveler Lifestyle

Make Money While You Sleep

Become a Speaker so Your Can Reach More People and Get New Customers Quickly

The great thing about working one-on-one is you get personalized attention to transform your current problems and “stuck place” so that you can have the life and business of your dreams. I can customize things exactly for you and you get the most comprehensive education and accelerated results. 

My focus is on getting you the results you want in your business, your finances, your relationships, your health, and your happiness because each of these factors affects the others. Think of me as a one-stop shop. Learn these core skills and you won’t need to hire another consultant again.

Specifically, we will address your “Inner Blocks” that are responsible for holding you back. We’ll dissolve those blocks so you can get more of what you want from your business and your life.

You’ll release your Family Entanglements and Childhood Imprints that hold you back from getting what you want. These are the hidden internal and sometimes unconscious blocks that stop you from getting what you want, in business, finances, relationships, health and happiness.

You can also get business mentoring so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Work smart, not hard and set yourself up so you love your lifestyle and you love your business. 

We can address what gets in the way of you getting a new customer or closing a sale. We can increase your confidence, clarity, productivity, focus, energy, and charisma.

You can also get you totally comfortable and aligned with your sales and marketing, your communication, your ability to set priorities, and to delegate.

You can special order what you want to learn and how to you want grow.

I can only take a handful of clients one-on-one due to time constraints, so space is limited.

Each program is tailored for the client so if you are curious about working with me privately, please call or email me to discuss your needs and goals and you and I will create a program that works best for you.

Phone: (415) 320-8010

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VIP Business Mentorship Group

Imagine being able to have support and mentorship each week in growing your business. Imagine how quickly you could grow to 6 figures and beyond.

VIP Business Mentorship Group meets weekly and you can come with any business question or problem you have and get answers and mentorship from Dana and the rest of the group.

Grow your business with a small group community who are doing it with you.

Have a community of other movers and shakers to inspire you and keep you moving and growing.

This group has limited spots, so we can make sure everyone gets attention.

If you are curious about joining, feel free call or email me to ask questions, and we can discuss the problems that you are experiencing in business and the outcome you want.

You can also get a free Discovery Session, where I look at your business and mentor you, and we can see if we are a fit for working together and if you are a fit for the group.

Phone: (415) 320-8010

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Organizational/Business DisEntanglement Work

In the same way that we as individuals can be entangled with our family system, our organizations themselves can become entangled within the systems and departments that work and interplay within: employees, management, IT, HR, founders, customers, etc. Previous negative experiences within an organization can set into motion hidden patterns that run in the background, invisibly. Elements with the founders can cause entanglements, arguments between or within departments, and how an organization works with it’s customers can all affect the health of the organization, it’s reach, and it’s bottom line.

The most common sign or symptom of Organizational Entanglement: Are you experiencing any persistent negative pattern or problem that you just can’t shake. Perhaps you have put in more time, elbow grease, hired consultants, etc and yet it persists? This is a common sign of an invisible Entanglement.

If you are curious about discussing the possibility of Organizational Entanglements affecting your Organization, feel free call or email me and we can discuss the problem that you are experiencing and the solutions you want.

Phone: (415) 320-8010

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How to Grow a Successful Business With No Time, No Energy, and No Money Program

Business Simplified and Streamlined.

When I set out to have my own business, I was very sick, with a Mystery Illness that no one could diagnose, nor help me resolve.

The Mystery Illness gave me: Chronic Fatigue, Anxiety, Depression, Cognitive Disfunction (trouble reading, writing, speaking, listening to people talking to me, major memory loss, Auditory Discrimination learning disorder, and Prosopagnosia – face blindness, or the inability to remember faces).

Not to mention I already had other disabilities, like dyslexia, ADD, and other learning disabilities.

I was working full time, as a Counselor, at a workplace that was toxic. I came home utterly obliterated, mentally, emotionally and physically.

I was living paycheck to paycheck.

I only had evenings after work and weekends to build my own business.

With everything that I had going against me, I had to learn how to grow a business with “no time, no energy and no money.”

They say necessity is the mother of invention. So true.

I had to figure out a way to get out of this toxic work environment, because staying where I was was killing me, figuratively, but  literally too. It was making my condition worse.

The only way out for me was to simplify business down to it’s Core Essentials – the activities that would have the highest Return on Investment of time and money.

I chose the fastest route I could: I used used a two-fold path – I used Family Entanglement Work and Childhood Re-Imprinting to remove any blocks that were in my way, and I took the time to figure out how to simplify business.

This helped me create what I call a”Freedom Business” that allowed me to travel as much as I want while getting paid for doing what I love.

If that’s something that you are looking for – if you want support around starting a business without much time, money, or energy, reach out and connect with me.


Sex 3.0, Positive Pick Up, The Lost Art of Seduction, Healing Sexual Trauma, Cuddle Therapy

Have you ever noticed that when you have fantastic intimacy or sexual experiences with your partner, that it can positively affect your whole day or week (or month!)?

Have you ever wanted to grow closer as a couple, or spice up your romantic life?

Have you ever wondered if there was more to experience than the sex you have been experiencing? (Or even more intensity of orgasms than the ones you have experienced?)

During my time as a therapist, I worked with many couples and inevitably, the topic of sex comes up, and how much it effects every other part of the relationship and of life.

Over the years I have taken a number of sex education courses and one thing I have noticed is that almost none of them teach anything about how to have amazing sexual experiences, fantastic intimacy, or mind blowing orgasms.

And of the few courses that do try to teach sexual technique, most are laden with unhealthy sexual energy and unhealthy ways of connecting.

That’s why I set out to bring something new. Something to fill this huge and gaping hole in our education around sex, around intimacy, around lasting love and happiness and even around orgasm.

There are so few places to have a healthy and clean conversation and education around sexuality. And I’m not only tired of it, but I’m seeing the devastating effect it is having on relationships, families, business, cash flow, health and happiness.

Over the years I have developed much in the way of sex and intimacy education: how to be truly sexy to your partner, how to inspire desire in your partner, techniques for good sex and sexual play, how to Awaken and Activate the male g-spot and multiple female g-spots so that you can have or give  full-body orgasms in 15 seconds flat, how to create the biggest g-spot orgasms, and how to achieve some of the biggest full body orgasms (for men and women) that you have ever encountered, just to name a few. These full body Energy-gasms, Ecstacy-gasms, and Soul-gasms begins to get into what some might call spiritual sex.

And one of the biggest things you of get during the learning of all of these sexual and intimacy skills is deep personal development that affects your whole life– your business/career, cash flow, mood, clarity, focus, health and happiness. Learning Sex 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 gives you full embodiment, the ability to be grounded, present, connected and open, to have range in how you show up in the world and respond to people and situations, and social intelligence, just to name a few.

The quality of your sex life and your and intimacy directly effects the quality of your life, your mood/happiness, your ease, your relaxation, your feelings of safety and security, your energy level, your patience with others, your self love, your confidence and self esteem, your quality of parenting, and so much more.

Over the years, I’ve also been researching the secrets of the happiest couples: what are the essential ingredients to lasting love and happiness.

You will not only learn but embody all of these elements as you grow through Sex 1.0, Sex 2.0 and Sex 3.0

Everyone who has been on this journey says they would never go back to the way it was before, and that their lives, their sex, their relationships, and their business have blossomed.

I also teach Positive Pick Up Art and How to Be Irresistible, to help women and men be able to approach that person you’ve got your eye on, in any situation, and be able to welcome that new person into becoming a play partner, or with a little time, a boyfriend or girlfriend, or a husband or wife.

Another important aspect to heal is our Negative Sexual Experiences. If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of negative sexual energy, negative touch, and negative sexual experiences, these leave a lasting imprint on your body, your mind and your emotions, and these things can be comfortably cleared and resolved so you can have more freedom, more joy, more pleasure and more fun.

Cuddle Therapy is another service that I provide, for more on that, check out:

All of these elements are taught in courses, and I also work privately with individuals and couples, and in small groups.

If you are curious about receiving support on any of these topics, just give me a call or send me an email and you may be able to grab a no-cost Discovery Session with me.

Phone: (415) 320-8010

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Get Your 2 Free Guides and Online Course to Help You
Breakthru What’s Holding You Back in Business and Life

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